Belfast Tunnels

Contract Works:

- Specialist labour supply

- Tunnel, 4.0m ø – 3.8km – Lovat EPM ‘Lucile’.

- Tunnel, 2.4m ø – 3.6km

- Tunnel, 1.8m ø – 1.2km

- Tunnel, 1.5m ø – 0.5km

- Caisson & Underpinned shafts.

The £100m Belfast Sewers Project was undertaken in order to alleviate the risk of flooding in central Belfast and improve the water quality of the River Lagan by reducing the amount of storm water discharge from a number of combined sewer overflows. The project consisted of 9.5km or tunnels in varying diameters up to 30m below ground level along with 19 online shafts. The geology of Belfast is complex and highly variable which presented significant challenges throughout the project.