About Us

The company was established in 1975 by the principle managing director John Gillespie Snr. Initially specialising in secondary tunnel linings and caulking the company quickly expanded. Since 1985 the company has diversified and developed a well respected reputation in the field of tunnelling and shaft sinking.  As the company has grown it has developed a management team that is highly motivated, innovative and experienced. The company prides itself on its workforce that is highly qualified, skilled, hard working and produce an end product that is delivered both on time and to the client’s specification.

As a company we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built with some of the UK’s leading construction companies as well as local water and transport authorities. Working closely with our partners we look to take an active approach in developing a design solution to meet the contract specific requirements for each individual project. Our relationships with consulting engineers mean that we are also able to offer a design & build collaboration.